Automated and Secure iPod Backups

As my digital life becomes more complicated I’ve run across numerous backup strategies that have been helpful. However, I recently discovered an easy way to keep a digitally secure copy of my most critical documents with me at any point in time. This article is a shortened version of a larger article I am working on regarding comprehensive mac backup strategies.

The Goal

Make a portable, secure, and do-not-have-to-think-about-it backup solution for my critical documents.

As an MBA student who is working on lots of projects at any point time, having an easy and secure backup on my iPod seems like the most practical solution. However, being a busy MBA student, this is not something I want to have to think about every week or even every day.

I have a 15″ MacBookPro, a 4GB iPod Nano, and OSX 10.4.6. Lets go…

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