.. and the U2 Guy

I spoke about this guy before, but my friend Alex who was in my Level 1 class last semester actually caught him on video. Somebody get this guy over to Ireland, stat!

Bono clone in Harajuku from Japan Through Blue Eyes on Vimeo.

Alex has a great blog on Japan as well. If you read French, it is highly entertaining. If you don’t, well at least the pictures are nice. Enjoy!

Japanese Pro? Wrestling

So there I was, studying all by myself and I said, “I think I’ll check Facebook”. To my surprise, my little sister posted a gem of a video to my wall that I just wanted to share with you all. Here is a clip of Japanese pro wrestling.

[gv data=”VFQO7ubpUF4″][/gv]

Now what gets me the most is that I actually used to watch wrestling in college. I thought it was pretty funny and, to be honest, it really is like the male version of a soap opera. At any rate, I wasn’t prepared for the announcers also being dressed up. Check it out. There is a pro-wrestling center in Arike that that Yurikamome goes by, right between Ariake Tennis no Mori and Ariake stations. Not sure if its affiliated, but its certainly something to check out.

Episode 46 – Communication

Kamata Intersection

Another cell phone cast recorded last week sometime, maybe even two weeks ago. I spend some time talking about learning how to communicate and the purpose of language learning.

Show Notes

  • Walking back from Kamata
  • A lot of talk about “communication” and “communicating”
  • Check out Rich Pav’s Japlish Podcast

Finding Japan Mogulus Channel

Picture 1.jpeg

Well, I finally did it. I launched a Mogulus channel. But rather than force it on people here, you can check it out at the following link below. Right now, all of the video podcast episodes are in rotation along with some Japanese commercials in-between.
What is Mogulus you ask? Well, its like streaming episodes on ABC except you get my video episodes with cooler commercials instead. It’s worth it just for the Andy Warhol bit! If you are bored, go get a watchin’.

Watch the Finding Japan Mogulus Channel

Episode 45 – Drink Review II


Alex and I had an impromptu drink review session after returning from Asakusa last week to grab some yaki-niku. Listen as we bring you through ears through a journey of thirst quenching Chu-Hi’s from both Suntory and Kirin. Some non-serious topics to lighten me up after this crazy week of studying and exams. Enjoy!
Show Notes:

  • Intro by Alex
  • Dueling Suntory and Kirin drinks
    • Suntory 196 Ume
    • Kirin Apple Nouveau Chu-Hi
  • Final Fantasy Potion Drink

Sushi Picnic

While searching YouTube for NHK children’s shows to help my listening comprehension, I ran across this gem. 「おすしのピクニック」 I can’t believe the Tako-sushi gets trampled at the end. Enjoy!

[gv data=”iF1IOREyK2o”][/gv]

Episode 44 – The Multitasking Episode


In this episode, I get the podcasting done while commuting back home after a long day of work on Monday. Since time is short, its time to find creative ways to squeeze in the content. I think this format works and if you can get over the cell phone quality, I think its a keeper! Hope you enjoy!

  • Thanks for the feedback on episode 43
  • Maximizing time with my new schedule
    • The 7AM to 8PM schedule
    • Study on the train between school and work
    • Podcast on the phone between work and train and school and train
  • Trains stopped
    • Got hit with two late trains on Monday
    • Nice to see the daylight in the morning while on the train
    • Get out of jail free card paper for being late
  • Addendum to Office Episode
    • Document check sheet
    • (sorry for the wind in Tsukishima)
    • Spa flyers
  • Short trip to Lawson’s
    • Scaring people by talking to myself
    • Funny in-store music
    • Nice “LAWSONS!!!” right when I left
  • Talking about my things I want to do list