Black Passenger Crossing the Bridge

Please excuse the episode’s long intro; I’ve been up to things and I talk about them.
This one gets heated in the best possible way as Stefhen and I discuss Black/African identity vis a vis Japan and what it means to live a biracial/multicultural life and so on.
Stefhen’s done some cool things, so check out these links to his book and one-man play:

Black Passenger Yellow Cabs

Doodu Boy

Episode 88 – Omoide-banashi (Reminiscing) with the Boys

Another day, another ep! This one is some rough and easy (just how I like it?) Japan talk with good friends Simon and Gus from

San Francisco about our numerous adventures in Japan. Drinking competitions, jail, girls, more jail… enjoy!

Please forgive my vocals. Due to technical difficulties, Simon and Gus sound fantabulous but my voice is a recording straight to my iPhone mic.

Episode 87 – Startin’ Up, Movin’ Up with Tim Andersen

Tim Andersen is back to talk more startup in Japan. We get the update on what happened to his startup project Musby. Spoiler, it didn’t go as planned. However, it’s all good. Tim has no quit and continues to apply lessons learned as a project manager at Edocode.

If you didn’t get a chance to catch the original Musby talk, here it is.

Episode 86 – Terri Goes Akogare on Wakayama Tomisaburo

Excited to have my akogare (we talk about this word) Terri MacMillian on the show.

We talk about her music management experience (Pizzicato Five?!), life in Japan in general, her favorite actor (super cool), and of course we get a touch ornery about Black Lives Matter.

FJ Quickie Quickie Eew Wee – BLM in Nihongo

A quick primer on ways to say Black Lives Matter in Japanese.

[Kokujin no inochi wa taisetu] – Black Lives Matter (are important with no implied too)
[Kokujin no inochi koso taisetu] – It is Black Lives that Matter, Black Lives Matter! (Indeed!), more so than others
[Kokujin no inochi mo taisetu] – Black Lives Matter (too), closest to English in implication, and nuance

Note: I am an advanced speaker, but Japanese is not my first language. Constructive feedback welcome.

Episode 85 – For Relaxing Times, Don’t Make It Corona Times

Thank you to those of you who have been listening to the shorter quickiesodes. More are coming but for now, here’s a full-length episode!

Host emeritus Chris is back with me (socially distantly) to discuss these unusual times with comparisons between the US and Japan.

And everyone’s favorite bovine friend gets a mention.