I was thinking back on my Iceland trip and remembered one of the more fantastic and well done Icelandic films that I have seen lately. Noi is about a young boy in a fishing village try to escape his destiny. It’s definitely not a western movie. Really well done visually, the soundtrack is exceptionally fitting for the film, and the emotional content is very real and not over acted. Check it out of if you can, I highly recommend it.

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Iceland at Night

Where have you been?! Do you not know that Iceland is the party capital of the world? If you like partying until the wee-hours of the night, you must go to Reykjavik Iceland. And if you do, beware and be forewarned. Icelanders are the most friendly, rambunctious, and crazy people you will ever meet. Here’s some living proof. This fellow decided to take his dissatisfaction of not being let into a trendy bar out by displaying his goods to the very patrons he whose mingling with he was refused. Sit back and enjoy!

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