Moving Back to Japan

Hello everyone. Yes it is true, I am moving back to Japan. I guess I just couldn’t get enough the first time. I’ve been receiving lots of questions about future podcasts lately, so I figured I’d sent of a quick now.

There will be a new podcast started soon and I will post the information here. Originally,wWhen I returned from Japan, I had high plans to start a new podcast about the financial crisis and my view of this crisis from overseas. However, due to lack of time and changing personal circumstances, I was not able to make this reality.

The new Japan-related podcast is already underway and under pre-production. I can only tell you that its again Japan-related, and this time has a new “twist”. So stay tuned right here for the new podcast, complete with new URL (once I name it) and new feed.

Thanks to all of the FJ listeners. I hope to take you on another, even more fantastic, ride overseas very very soon. Cheers!