Episode 58 – Let’s Tokyu Hands

Picture 1.jpeg

Ever wonder what its like to sit in someone’s pocket as they walk around Tokyo?? Now is your chance to find out! In this episode, I take a commute to Tokyu Hands leaving the recorder on for the full monty. I also talk about two fairly interesting topics. If you’re into sound tours, you’ll enjoy this episode.

Show Notes:

  • Pre-show – explanation of show format
  • Current Laundry Setup
    • HI390002.JPG
    • Screwing around with my laundry machine
  • Walk to Kuramae
    • Hanging out with Scott from Tokyo Calling
    • Needed the de-stressing from my visa issues
    • Talking about co-habitation with the fiancee
    • Quick stop at Lawsons (19:00)
    • Cement truck turning sound
    • Brief explanation of numbers on train maps
  • Kuramae to Iidabashi (9 minutes edited out)
    • Construction warnings
    • Really annoying alien sound
    • Running into the same guy who sold me food the day before
  • Iidabashi to Ikebukuro (42:00 – 51:45)
    • Trying to find the right exit
    • Talking about usage of strange English
    • The Bic Camera audio Assault! (45:00)
    • Almost going to McDonalds for coffee
    • Sonna no kankei nai advertisement (51:00)
  • Tokyu Hands
    • Valentine’s Day explosion!

Episode 57 – Japan Makes You Busy


Let’s get deep again. I tried to mix it up with some pleasant thoughts, some interesting sights, and of course, always deep deep riveting commentary from yours truly (sarcasm goes to 11, you know).

Show Notes:

  • Some thoughts about Saizeriya
  • Topic: Japan Makes You Busy
    • A bit about my lifestyle
    • Spending my time on the computer
    • “The Four Hour Separation”
      • 1 hr of screwing around
      • 1 hr of reading
      • 1 hr of art
      • 1 hr of life
    • [Musical Break]
    • Why is it necessary?
      • Opportunity overload
      • 6 hours spent doing nothing this weekend
      • Putting more “real” in realtime
  • Train announcer gets on my nerves
  • Escalator Apologizers
  • Some Closing Thoughts
  • Music – “Atlantic Midnight” by Jaspertine from CCMixter.org
  • Music – “Drugstar” by Pthalo

Episode 55 – Snow Day Alcohol Talk


It’s snowing in Tokyo, so what better way to spend it than bring you all with me on a trip to McDonalds for breakfast. In this episode, I tough it out through the muck and power-line slush bombs to chat about Japanese people and alcohol consumption. This episode is not very organized but there’s plenty to listen to and some music mixed in as well. Enjoy.

Show Notes

  • Part One
    • It’s snowing
    • The guy who drank too much last night
    • Yakiniku 食べ放題、飲み放題
    • Japanese paramedics
  • Intermission
  • Part Two
    • Throwup girl in the train station
    • San Nakji’s interview series, I’m next
    • Phone call
    • Bought some Dekavita
    • dekavita.gif