Episode 84 – Konechikatto Chatto

Join Terrance and Christopher for a conversational reconnect as Terrance braves the wintry tundra of Connecticut for a long overdue in-person recording from our two hosts. Get some insight on what residency in Tokyo feels like after many years and the challenges that returning to the United States presents after many years in Asia.

Special bonus: If you listen long enough, you may even get to hear the resurrected segments from podcasts of long ago and be treating to a special guest appearance.

So get ready for live and uncut, long and unfiltered discussion. Enjoy!

One Reply to “Episode 84 – Konechikatto Chatto”

  1. I enjoyed the new episode, good combination of general conversation, cultural sharing, and interesting observations.

    I’m having trouble finding your restaurant rekomendo though. We’re going to be in Japan in May (and podcasting) and I’ve been flagging lots of recommended places to see what we might be near when needing a stop. (Also the special guest impression might be considered a bit.. insensitive. 😉 )

    Thanks for the podcast and glad you’re able to spin it back up a bit!

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