Merry Christmas Update


Hey everyone. Just wanted to say a quick “Hello and Happy Holidays” here from the states. I have been spending a great amount of time with my fiancee as well as our respective families. It’s been far too long without seeing everyone. All of the presents have been unwrapped, the gifts given, and plenty of wine and food has been shared. I hope you all are having a very happy holiday as well.

So now, 2008 is shaping up to be quite fun and exciting. I’ve got a few new gadgets to talk about when I get back as well as well as some tools for podcasting (including Logic Studio 8 and Leopard) (^_^)/m/ that I’m excited to use when I get back to Japan. Until then, stay safe and warm.

Yoshio Kojima Teaches Kanji

[gv data=”RpeQeDOi7iI”][/gv]

I’ll leave the explanation to Melissa over at Mboogiedown Japan who also posted these videos. But now I too will never forget the kanji for Naku. LOL.

[gv data=”U32Q0jxpLmE”][/gv]

Short Version: Kojima-san is a popular comedian on television now who’s shtick is saying “sonna ni no kankei ne nai” while dancing around half naked. Need you any more explaination than that! No, didn’t think so. Enjoy!

Monkey Pictures



Its been a while since I posted just some pictures. These are just a few samples of some more pictures that you can check out from my set called August 2007 – Miyajima over on Flickr. There are many more from other areas we went to during this summer’s touring of Japan, including Hiroshima, Nikko, various places around Tokyo, Mount Fuji, and more. Its been taking me forever in order to get everything posted, but I’m working away at it slowly but steadily.

New podcast this weekend? I sure hope so!

Episode 48 – Coffee Episode III

Can you believe it, another coffee episode already!!! This time recorded completely live over Skype, warts and all. Joined by the illustrious Fred, we talk about his new coffee machine as well as do a short sound tour of some places to drink coffee in Japan. Come along for the ride with us and grab your cup of coffee!

Show Notes:

  • Explosive laughing intro
  • Fred’s rant about podcasts
    • People who talk about how they make podcasts on their podcasts
    • Joking about the FindingJapan DVD
    • Reminiscing about “Netiquette”
  • Why we’re talking about coffee
  • Doutor Single Service Packs
    • HI390014.jpeg
  • Fred’s New Coffee Machine
    • A magical tour of Fred brewing coffee
    • Discussion of froth vs. no froth with automatic coffee makers
    • Baronette flavored coffee taste test
  • Japan Coffee Place Audio Sound Tour Review
    • Clip 1 – Starbucks in Asakusa
    • Clip 2 – Campus Coffee Shop at Waseda University
    • Clip 3 – Excelsior in Ikebukuro
    • Clip 4 – Doutor in Ueno Station
  • Hot and Cold
  • Perhaps a non-coffee related show with Fred about Japan in the future??