Episode 78 – I Ain’t Ever Been To Jail

This is a very personal and special episode in which I talk about my experiences in the Japanese slammer. Many of you may know what happened but just to make things clear, the matter is settled, I’m ok, I don’t have a record, and technically it was detention, not imprisonment.

I caused a lot of people I care for great worry for the couple of days my whereabouts were unknown and I am very grateful for their love and efforts in making sure I was ok.

Chris Rock has a joke from his brilliant n*ggers vs black people bit about low expectation boasting. “I ain’t ever been to jail.” “You ain’t supposed to go to jail, you low expectation having…” Sadly, I can no longer laugh at this joke. I’ve been to jail and here is the story. Enjoy at my expense.

Episode 77 – The Finding Continues

It’s been awhile but the Godfather of Finding Japan, Chris, is back in the land! Chris and Terrance have teamed up to continue bringing our discoveries and observations of this sometimes mystifying, almost always interesting country. In this episode we get you caught up with what’s been going on with our lives, as well as where we plan on taking the show.