Japanese Easter Egg in Metroid Prime 3

Kotaku is reporting that there is an easter egg in Metroid Prime 3 with the voice of Satoru Iwata (President of Nintendo). I understood about 50% of this without the translation. Yay!

[gv data=”FTSLDsRE2Os”][/gv]

Translation according to Kotaku:

Hello, this is Iwata from Nintendo. You may not know from an outsiders point of view, but being a director is really hard! When things are really busy and stressful we (us directors) may look tired and sick, then people may feel sorry for us! But in my case, it’s the opposite, I get fatter and fatter, so then people don’t think I’m stressed at all!

No only if I could understand enough to play entire games in Japanese.

Episode 33 – Music and Carbonation

I think this is one of the longest episodes to date. Chock full o’ music and my limited insight, I think this episode also clocks in at one of the finest sounding episodes to date. Sweet sounds and tender music, you get this episode at a slightly higher quality (due to the high music content) for absolutely nothing!

Show Notes:

Episode 32 – Back in Tokyo

IMG_1955 1.jpg

I’m BACK in the saddle again! I’m BACK!!! I’ve had that song stuck in my head all day. Get whatever song you have stuck in your head right out by listening to this next episode and me making excuses why I’ve been gone so long. I semi-experiment with new podcasting software that will “hopefully” make me more “productive” and provide a small music interlude at the end related to the movie Akira.

Show Notes

  • Introduction and updates
  • Where’s Calling Tokyo Calling
  • New setup for podcasting
  • Vacation Overview
  • Things I notice being back in Tokyo
    • Tokyo is really clean
    • I feel at home in Tokyo, I think
    • I’ve turned into “scary man”
  • Indonesian Gamelan Music
    • Clip from Akira
    • Performance from ad-hoc matsuri in Shinjuku

Podcasts Coming Soon

Quick blog update for everyone. The past four weeks have been incredible. I had such an amazing time with Linda (my fiancee) tromping through various parts of Japan. Unfortunately, I was not able to post the episodes that I had recorded and drafted. I didn’t test my cellphone browser with WordPress and I was unable to post the articles containing the episodes.

Rather then post them, and become slightly out of order, I will be creating some newer episodes this week and posting them as I go. I will bring the other material back in at another point. There is too much fun to share now.

I realize it’s been over three weeks, but I hope the wait will be worth it. In the meantime, make sure you check out Inochi-kun.

Inochi-kun – Too Weird

This was too weird not to post. Again this showed up in my del.icio.us trawling and was not something I searched for and was not prepared to see, yet it did intrigue me so.


(direct video link)

Click the link above to download the video. It looks like a series of three mini-commercials. (I call them this because Japanese television is famous for short-short commercials, almost less than 4-5 seconds at times). However, I can’t quite put my finger one what is going on here. Aphex-Twin anyone?

I found a site that seems to be a launch site for either a television show or character, here the character is quite promininent. I also found a bit of research on the origins of the Japanese word Inochi.

Can someone help clue me is as to what is going on here!?! I feel somewhat violated and yet concerned at the same time. If I ever hear a child in Japan singing the song in this video, I think I might run away in fear.

At any rate, enjoy the video. The subtitles are accurate so non-Japanese speakers can enjoy too.