Episode 2 – The Next Few Days

Hey everyone, sorry for the hurried posting but I’m currently at an Internet cafe and my access to the Internet has been very very sporadic to say the least. I banged out another episode yesterday and kept it aging for a day until I get could some access. So here you go, enjoy.

In this episode:

  • Intro music – “Hologram Jesus” by Pthalo
  • Lack of updates – Internet connectivity is down, down I tell you
  • Alien Registration Story
  • Nintendo DS Kanji Dictionary rules!!
  • Found an apartment from TokyoRent.com – yay!
  • Excite Train Transfer Application – http://www.excite.co.jp/transfer/
  • Shopping in Kawasaki
  • Liquor Store Funniness
  • Fish Market TV Show Interruption

And as always, more to come soon. Cheers!

Episode 1 – Welcome to Japan

Day one in Japan and the first official podcast episode is released. Its nearing the completion of my first full day in Japan, and I’m doing everything I can not to go to sleep while I fight this sore throat.

( photo by Sachama  [original] CC license)

Brief show notes in paragraph form: In the first few hours I randomly met someone who knows a mutual friend of mine, called the Japanese fire department accidentally while trying to place a phone call to a friend, ate cow tongue at a yaki-niku place, and made a few new friends at a tachinomi bar (picture included). Hear about it all in audio form along with my jet-lagged speaking full of uhhs and umms.

T-minus 25 days

A new audio podcast for you all. I ramble on my way to school and talk about how I should talk about this stuff more. Sound redundant? It is. I think this is more for me to get in the habit and work out my audio-workflow before hitting the ground for real in Japan.

Sorry if the audio is a bit wonky. I didn’t even think it would be usable until I listened with headphones today. But alas, it seemed salvageable. So here is Monday’s podcast, today!

Show notes

150 days until Ebi-Filets!


I decided to get back on the audio podcasting kick with this post. Probably extremely boring for those who already know me. Plus, this was recorded in the car so there is a bit of road noise. Driving goodness for those who are interested in why this podcast exists.

Show Notes:

  • Why Finding Japan, Why a podcast?
  • Ebi Filet and Japanese service

Links Mentioned:

My Odeo Channel (odeo/93eb918637d93569)

Japan Trip – Day 7 – Finding Kobe

Day 7 Picture 1 Day 7 Picture 2
From Friday, November 18th: A bit different this week. Posting an audio podcast episode instead of a video one like the last few.

Immerse yourself in the sounds of Japan, well at least just the first 10 minutes of train sounds, and just cruise around on the JR line with us, getting lost in Osaka on our way to visit Terrance in Kobe. Works best with headphones. ^_^