Updates Coming Soon / Taking the GMATs

Hey everyone, sorry there have been no updates. I’m not even really sure who actually reads this besides a few friends who I rarely, or I have never, seen before. (Hi Akiko!!). I’ve been busy studying for the GMATs (Graduate Management Aptitude Test) in advance of applying to graduate school. So far, so good. Its not such a hard test to study for, but I’ve been spending most of the time on the verbal components – since that is surely my weaker point. What I have found amazing is that much of the material knowledge needed to complete the test one learns in high school. Though, it has made me bust out the quadratic equation one more time. Yikes.

Also, look here for some information about a site that I will be launching to augment my study of Japanese. I’ve been really procrastinating on this but I think I will finally find the time after this studying is over.

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