Moved In


It has been a long weekend for sure, but a fun and rewarding one. It’s Tuesday morning and I’m finally feeling like I’m settled in. Over the weekend, my lovely girlfriend Linda, my best friend Mike, and Linda’s sister Robin helped move me down to South Carolina. Each of these individuals took nearly 6 days out of their schedule to come help me. I’m so in debt to each of them. Thanks you guys!!

We left on Wednesday and by Thursday night we were playing cards in my new apartment in gorgeous downtown Columbia, SC. It was very hot and humid but the AC here always works great. I’ve got a pretty decent view off of my balcony and there is plenty of room for me, perhaps too much almost.

We capped the weekend off by spending three days in Charleston, SC. I will post pictures when I have my own dedicated Internet connection.

For the rest of the week, its diving into the books, catching up on what’s been going on at my company while I’ve been gone, and taking care of leftover bills and address changes. I already miss everyone from New Haven.

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