Slow and Meandering

Thank god for work…and get ready for random thoughts.

Having an IM conversation with a few friends this morning, I realized how slowly life is going by at this immediate point in time.

On a macro level, it seems as though life is speeding by. I woke up this morning reflecting on a project that I completed in 2004. 2004! That was nearly three years ago but I can remember as if it were last year.

However, on a micro level, its painfully slow at this point. Last semester was a whirlwind of classes and group work. This semester, in comparison, seems incredibly lacksidasical. I only have 2 classes that meet twice a week and language classes that also meet twice a week. I have been working more for work which is nice, but it still doesn’t fill up all the hours.

In the meantime, I’ve been catching up on small tasks and errands that have been prying at my sanity the last few months. I’ve also managed to, gasp, enjoy myself now and then. I saw Children of Men with Alex yesterday which was cool. Very disturbing yet well done movie. I enjoyed it immensely. I’m not sure what it got for reviews but I’m sure they were quite high. You are also now reading the words of a Wii tennis pro, achieving pro status in the Wii hours of the morning as I could not fall asleep.

This week I will be releasing a video episode on searching for apartments in Japan. Stay tuned…

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