T-minus 4 days – “The Email”

A brief update, sorry for the lack of Internet-connectedness.

Last Wednesday, I finally moved out of South Carolina. My classmate and trackmate Alex was awesome in helping me move from one storage place to another. It’s amazing how much “stuff” you can amass in a few years. I didn’t realize I had so much. There were a few things I “donated” too since I really didn’t have much room left. After a long day of packing, I took Alex and I out for a good round of sushi at Camon and headed on my way up North. Leaving at about 7:30pm, I made it to somewhere in the backwoods of Virginia and caught a bed for the night before finishing my journey up to Connecticut arriving the next afternoon.

The next few days were spent catching up on work related tasks and visiting family. This weekend has been spent mostly with my girlfriend and her family – saying goodbyes, making plans for the future, and trying to take in a bit of everyone before I leave. Right now, it’s Monday March 12th. I’m sitting at a coffee shop in New Haven, CT getting a bit of free Internet and quiet before I leave. It’s the first time in this long week that I’ve just been able to relax and power through tasks I’ve had stacked up.

At this point, I think most of the odds and ends of moving overseas have been taken care of. It’s amazing how many companies don’t know how to handle someone movie overseas. For now, I’ve been putting my parents address for those types of places and proudly putting Japan for companies who have the ability to operate internationally. Right now, I think its about 2 out of 30 total address changes I’ve had to go through in the past week.

I think this may be the third of fourth time I write one of those “Hey, I’m getting up and moving” type emails to my friends. Except this time around, the network of friends that I share has expanded and the email is more of a “Hey, I’m getting up and moving to the other side of the world” type email. In the coming months, I will certainly miss my family and friends.

So I will be sending out “the email” shortly. I’m going to expand it to the few friends I’ve met through this blog as well. I know there are readers that I don’t know yet too. So, for those interested more in what this blog is truly about, get ready because the real-deal starts in about 4 days. I started this blog to be about Finding Japan knowing full well that the first few months were prep. The next 18 months will be the main course.

Japan finds me in about 96 hours.

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