Episode 4 – Hello from Tokyo Tower!

First day back with Internet means instant episode for you all, better late than never. I recorded this episode earlier in the week, Tuesday evening to be exact just before my trackmate Alex arrived in Japan. The next few days were spent trouncing around Tokyo looking for basics like bedding, soap, and food. Enjoy this pre-move in episode ne! ^_^

Show Notes

  • Long day (late post, will be in the process of moving)
  • View from the Tokyo Prince Hotel
  • Jisa-boke and how I get over it
  • Tokyo Tower / Eiffel Tower
  • Moving and dragging my belongs through the streets of Tokyo
  • Using GTD and Vitalist
  • Cool friends help the Tokyo-transition
  • Only in Japan – Egg on pizza is truly incredible (http://www.flickr.com/photos/heavylift/434951327/)
  • Small World – Strange people confluences
  • Terrance’s Matsuri Post on KobeBeef
  • Upcoming Video Posts

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