Automated Translators

A brief anecdote about why automated translators aren’t always the best. Last week I was going through work email. I often use Google’s translation services as a quick assistant to help me get the “gist” of company emails. Often there is quite a bit of Kanji that I don’t understand, so this helping hand becomes quite useful. However, every so often, a gem makes it’s way through that just cannot be overlooked.

In the MSP user the mail we have done. With the kindness of the Microsoft lord, seminar such as the usage of MSProject next month (June) it is opening schedule in [removed]. Because we adjust with either below, please inform about the circumstances of everyone.

Now I realize translating Japanese literally is not advisable for actual use, but it often serves my purposes well. But I’m glad I know enough about Japanese not to await the coming of the “Microsoft Lords”. ^_^/

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