Episode 30 – Bikeless / Tanabata


Having fun without a bike, find out why in today’s episode. Also, I talk a little bit about Tanabata and share some audio from the Tanabata parade in Asakusa from about 3 weeks ago. Lots has been going on but we’ll keep the episodes coming out. Enjoy.

Show Notes:

  • Playing Battlefield 2142
  • A few more comments on Japanese rain
  • Getting my bike stolen
    • Japanese police
    • My bike description
    • Hanko or no hanko
    • Dealing with the feelings afterwards
  • Tanabata
    • Short description of the mythology behind Tanabata
    • Audio tour of the parade
  • Brief update on what’s going on
    • Big vacation coming up
    • Thanks for the downloads
    • More material post-vacation coming

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