Episode 32 – Back in Tokyo

IMG_1955 1.jpg

I’m BACK in the saddle again! I’m BACK!!! I’ve had that song stuck in my head all day. Get whatever song you have stuck in your head right out by listening to this next episode and me making excuses why I’ve been gone so long. I semi-experiment with new podcasting software that will “hopefully” make me more “productive” and provide a small music interlude at the end related to the movie Akira.

Show Notes

  • Introduction and updates
  • Where’s Calling Tokyo Calling
  • New setup for podcasting
  • Vacation Overview
  • Things I notice being back in Tokyo
    • Tokyo is really clean
    • I feel at home in Tokyo, I think
    • I’ve turned into “scary man”
  • Indonesian Gamelan Music
    • Clip from Akira
    • Performance from ad-hoc matsuri in Shinjuku

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