Episode 37 – Dictionary Games

G4's Code Monkeys

Seems like this turned out to be the review episode. A Kanji dictionary, a great g4 video podcast to share, and some podcasting software review action. Is this podcast really about Japan?! And why do I mention sheep being on the radio? Find out if you listen here. Let’s go!

Show Notes:

  • Intro
    • Getting motivated to bring out some more content
  • Review of Kanji Sonomama Rakubiki Jiten DS Dictionary
    • Who should get it
    • Where you can get it
    • Features
  • G4 Code Monkeys
    • Great clip from a great online show
    • iTunes RSS Feed here
    • Other G4 podcasts
  • Review of Ubercaster
    • Podcasting tool
    • Great functionality
    • Poor performance in editing
      • Update: Turning off waveforms really helps though
      • Update: Ubercaster is now available for a discount, see the site for details.

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