Episode 44 – The Multitasking Episode


In this episode, I get the podcasting done while commuting back home after a long day of work on Monday. Since time is short, its time to find creative ways to squeeze in the content. I think this format works and if you can get over the cell phone quality, I think its a keeper! Hope you enjoy!

  • Thanks for the feedback on episode 43
  • Maximizing time with my new schedule
    • The 7AM to 8PM schedule
    • Study on the train between school and work
    • Podcast on the phone between work and train and school and train
  • Trains stopped
    • Got hit with two late trains on Monday
    • Nice to see the daylight in the morning while on the train
    • Get out of jail free card paper for being late
  • Addendum to Office Episode
    • Document check sheet
    • (sorry for the wind in Tsukishima)
    • Spa flyers
  • Short trip to Lawson’s
    • Scaring people by talking to myself
    • Funny in-store music
    • Nice “LAWSONS!!!” right when I left
  • Talking about my things I want to do list

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