Episode 51 – Awards and Haircuts


Perhaps I should have accepted an award for the worst haircut-cast ever. At any rate, we’ve got two topics for you this time around. A bit about the award discussion from the previous blog post but even more from the center of cheap haircuts in Japan, QB House.

Show Notes:

  • Leopard upgrade completed
  • Throat hurts – getting a cold?
  • Great discussion on the site, thanks!
  • Award Discussion
  • Haircut at QB House
    • K2010R01111_shop.jpg
    • Prior art: Rich Pav’s Hair Cut Cast from May 2005
    • Notes about audio
      • Television sounding thing – radio
      • Fascination with vacuuming my head
      • A little weather and language discussion
    • The entire audio clip available here: QB House Full

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