Finding Japan 2007 Wrap-up

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I was just looking at some Google stats and log stats from my hosting company yesterday and wanted to share with you all how great this year has been for Finding Japan. This has been the most successful online project I’ve ever worked on. Even if I haven’t formally defined success criteria, it sure feels like it.
Finding Japan 2007 Statistics

  • 13,163 visits (6,107 unique) from 1,556 cities in 97 countries on 6 continents
  • 16% of visitors were from Japan
  • 20% of visitors use do not use English as their primary language for their browser
  • Over 400 GB of data was transferred to you all
  • The pre-episode from Feb 22nd was the most downloaded podcast episode
  • Tokyo Calling had the most referrals of any other personal site

Thanks again for a wonderful year and I look forward to even more fun this year. Best to you all.

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