Shutting Down Finding Japan?

Hey everyone, long time no see. Between the earthquake, my family, moving yet again, things have been pretty hectic.

I was contemplating, as indicated before, in shutting down the FindingJapan site entirely. But I wondered, if the site might be better served if someone else would like to take the reigns in hosting and creating content. If there is anyone that is interested in doing so, please send me an email or post a message here and we can get in touch.

Hope you and all of your families are doing well. Best – Christopher

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  1. Hey sir,
    Just wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed your podcast over the past couple years as I slowly ingested and digested it. Unfortunately I “jumped on the bandwagon” too late to catch up until now. I may not have been in japan, but I was DEFINITELY in a different culture over the last four years. I am in school now and plan on teaching English in Japan once I am done in about four more years and your podcast certainly played a part in that aspiration. If the spot is still open at that point, I would be honored to take the reigns, as it were, while I find Japan for myself. Thanks again for putting a truly worthwhile and thought provoking podcast and website together. I hope your growing family and life go well. Thanks again.

  2. PS: I have been very curious about the other enigmatic podcast that you had hinted teased in your later episodes. I hope they take flight. WE WANT SOME MO

  3. Christopher, Can you please tell me how I can get a complete set of all the podcasts of FINDING JAPAN.

    I would like to offer the podcasts FREE to people in my Japanese group.
    Pittsburgh Japanese Culture Language and Food Group

    I would gladly reimburse you for your efforts / CDs.

    Alexandra Sabina

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