Episode 58 – Let’s Tokyu Hands

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Ever wonder what its like to sit in someone’s pocket as they walk around Tokyo?? Now is your chance to find out! In this episode, I take a commute to Tokyu Hands leaving the recorder on for the full monty. I also talk about two fairly interesting topics. If you’re into sound tours, you’ll enjoy this episode.

Show Notes:

  • Pre-show – explanation of show format
  • Current Laundry Setup
    • HI390002.JPG
    • Screwing around with my laundry machine
  • Walk to Kuramae
    • Hanging out with Scott from Tokyo Calling
    • Needed the de-stressing from my visa issues
    • Talking about co-habitation with the fiancee
    • Quick stop at Lawsons (19:00)
    • Cement truck turning sound
    • Brief explanation of numbers on train maps
  • Kuramae to Iidabashi (9 minutes edited out)
    • Construction warnings
    • Really annoying alien sound
    • Running into the same guy who sold me food the day before
  • Iidabashi to Ikebukuro (42:00 – 51:45)
    • Trying to find the right exit
    • Talking about usage of strange English
    • The Bic Camera audio Assault! (45:00)
    • Almost going to McDonalds for coffee
    • Sonna no kankei nai advertisement (51:00)
  • Tokyu Hands
    • Valentine’s Day explosion!

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