Moving Back to Japan

Hello everyone. Yes it is true, I am moving back to Japan. I guess I just couldn’t get enough the first time. I’ve been receiving lots of questions about future podcasts lately, so I figured I’d sent of a quick now.

There will be a new podcast started soon and I will post the information here. Originally,wWhen I returned from Japan, I had high plans to start a new podcast about the financial crisis and my view of this crisis from overseas. However, due to lack of time and changing personal circumstances, I was not able to make this reality.

The new Japan-related podcast is already underway and under pre-production. I can only tell you that its again Japan-related, and this time has a new “twist”. So stay tuned right here for the new podcast, complete with new URL (once I name it) and new feed.

Thanks to all of the FJ listeners. I hope to take you on another, even more fantastic, ride overseas very very soon. Cheers!


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  1. i don’t know whether i’m more excited about you moving back or more excited for the podcast! i choose to be excited for both. looking forward to it christopher!

  2. Are you here yet? Looking forward to the first episode of “I’ve Found Japan” or whatever you plan to call it. Are you planning to get involved in Tokyo Hackerspace?

    See you very soon.

  3. I just started listening to your podcast. I’m finding it very interesting and really enjoy hearing about the personal experiences of a westerner in Japan (as opposed to just providing touristy information). I really appreciate the podcasts (thank you!) – it not only educates but helps keep my mind occupied during my long Atlanta commute.

  4. Hi Chris.
    Glad to hear that you’ll be podcasting again from Japan.
    Really loved Finding Japan podcast and I’m looking forward to the next series!
    Be sure to keep us all posted.

  5. i finally finished listening and watching all of finding japan the other day 🙂 i come back and check here randomly and what do i see?

    great news! 🙂

    i look forward to your next project and listening to more of your adventures in japan.

    thanks again for FJ. take care chris.

    ~Zen (@zenxacred)

    ps. also, come back on twitter! (if you haven’t already)

  6. I am about 40 episodes into your podcast and enjoy it very much. I am glad to hear you are going to begin another podcast, especially now that I am nearing the end of your prior casts. (hopefully you’ll be up and running with another before I am done.. HINT! I kid I kid.)

  7. yay! yay to both of the news(es).

    i am excited for you to move back to japan and for all of your listeners to get to hear you again.

    welcome back!

  8. Wow! I happened to drop by looking for a link to the old intro/outtro/transition music you used to use in your podcasts and was happy to find you’ll be starting this machine back up again! It’s been a while since you posted your I’ll-Be-Back post so I hope plans haven’t changed in the interim. Your podcast actually inspired a really fun trip to Tokyo this past summer. I met up with a bunch of podcasters/youtube-ers while I was there. I don’t know if you ever got a chance to meet with TokyoCooney (from youtube), but if you get a chance try to meet up with him after you’ve settled in — a funny/interesting/controversial conversation is always to be had with that guy.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    PS – If anyone is interested, I found the music from Pthalo (the rock-synth group of which Christopher was once a member) at the following url:

  9. This is awesome news, I loved Finding Japan from beginning to end, and to hear the podcast is getting a sequel is like a wish being granted. Btw, I don’t think I ever got around to posting my closing comments on the final episode, and I’ve probably forgotten what I was going to say by now, but I felt that the podcast couldn’t have been ended any beter than it did. But yeah, I’ll keep my eye on when this new project comes out. PLEASE, make it happen! ;D

    NOTE: This alias may be temporary, I think I had an idea for my new alias but I forgot it… ;P

  10. What a nice surprise to hear you’re moving back to Japan and will start another podcast. Looking forward to it!

  11. Not to be a jerk, but this is getting out of hand. You can’t tease us for what, eight months now. What’s going on? Just really enjoyed the first installment and hope to catch what else is going on.

  12. I went to choose a podcast from my itunes list and I see a blue dot next to Finding Japan! I never could bring myself to erase your url from my list. I am very pleased to hear your update. I started listening a long time ago because my daughter was living in Japan , She worked at Universal Studios in Osaka. Now she is based in Yokahama with a cruise line Asuka, she is a singer and has traveled all around the world with this ship. I have been to Japan many times to see her and I love the country and the people. I loved hearing about your time in Japan and I look forward to whatever new endeavor you create. Thanks for your time and energy it was and is well appreciated.

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