Nintendo’s Really Cookin’

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Besides having a really great quarter, Ninendo is cooking, quite literally, with voice activation! One of the reasons why I have entered business school is to explore working in marketing in an industry that will make me crave going to work every day. Certainly, having been produced in the late 70s and the majority of my adolescence ocurring during the hey day of Nintendo in America, I’m very interested in this industry.

I have to admire the way that Nintendo has been able to break through the age barriers in the video game market and really bring the experience to many more people. If the success with the versatility of the DS is any indicator, Nintendo’s Wii console should push those ideals even further. Just take a look at the age groups of the people in the header of the Nintendo’s Wii product page.

Either way, I’ll be there to take it all in. And with that, I’m hungry! おなかがすいたよ!

Update: 2006-07-28 BusinessWeek article

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