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Updated: January 13th, 2007

While going through my list of links tonight, I realized we have quite a group of writers within the program that muse on various topics such as hiking, stressing out, and kyūdō. A quick list of those folks with blogs that currently attend this program appears below.

  • Scott – Portuguese Track Class of 2008
  • Anand – Spanish Track Class of 2008
  • David – Global Tracel Class of 2008
  • Alex – Japanese Track Class of 2009
  • Adrian – Chinese Track Class of 2009 (photos)
  • Nanda – French Track Class of 2008
  • Senate Street – Samantha, Kavita, Angus, Dan, Tonisha and Alex
  • Kate – Spanish Track Class of 2008
  • Sara – French Track Class of 2008
  • Josh and Kristen – Frenck Track Class of 2008
  • Tara – Spanish Track Class of 2008
  • Christopher – Japanese Track Class of 2008

If you know of others, please write them below and I’ll add them.

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