Good Music to Get You Through


Music, ahhhh music. My place of solice when it comes to numbing the mind.

This last week of the semester is killer. International Finance is kicking my butt, and I know I’m not alone. Fortunately, I’ve found some solice in some excellent music. Last year I opened a account and I only just recently spent about 2 hours going through music of people that have similar tastes with me. Combined with some great recommendations from Saya-san, I’ve got what I feel is the quintessential soundtrack to December. Check out what I’m listening to:

  • Say Hi To Your Mom – This guy is excellent. I may have heard one song before but Saya turned me on to his website earlier today which has at least three songs from each album. Excellent winter music.
  • TV on the Radio – I have trouble describing these guys. Noisy, organic, loud, a little like Peter Gabriel with synths. Preview their songs on here.
  • Dinosaur Jr. – Nearly forgot about these guys until recently. Going back to the album, “Where You Been”. Incredible.
  • Marxy – An american-expat I believe (not sure), living in Japan. Great writer and surprisingly good musician. You can his latest for free here. If you are curious, check out his blog too. Inspired me to become a better writer.
  • The Futureheads – English rock, but good. A bit like obscure Devo and the clash. Some people may not like this but I find it refreshing. Not many English bands like this put so much emphasis on vocals. Catchy lo-fi tunes done right.

If you’ve got some recommendations, please end them my way. If you want to keep up with what else is going on in these headphones, look in the column to the right. Enjoy!

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