Earthquake and Rain

Boring. Today has been incredibly boring. Even now, boring. Wait, lemme check one more time …. aaaaaand… yep, the news is in – still boring. Even with an earthquake today, boring since I wasn’t able to feel it. Though I never wish anything or anyone any harm, I am still looking forward to my first one. I think I may have slept through it or was watching TV. Anyway, I’ll have to look for another opportunity to work on my dance moves.

So how can one be bored in a city the size of Tokyo? Well today I have a headache, the train wasn’t working because someone graciously threw themselves in front of it, and its raining out so I don’t feel like site seeing. The good news is that this gives me time to organize my photos prepare for future episodes.

The Japanese word of today is: つまらない (boring)

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