Episode 6 – The Wet Episode

Special guests, raw chicken, bicycle skills and more. Get it all in this episode. Tonight Alex (my trackmate, roommate, and friend) takes a seat at the mic with me for a dualing discussion on the finer points of Japan. As we dry off from the monsoon that seemed to appear from out of nowhere earlier today. Today’s episode comes in around 30 minutes long and I even cut out the part about commuting around the city to post on another rainy day. Enjoy!

Show notes and references:

  • Intro – Never again will I buy a cheap Chinese umbrella
  • Update
    • Moved to Sumida-ku
    • Hanami last weekend
    • Meiji-jingu video is up
    • Bicycle Sidewalk – check it out
    • Alien registration complete!
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Japanese Bicycle Skeeels
  • Eating Raw Chicken
    • Japan is famous for three types of chickens, Alex explains
    • 生 -> usually means raw
    • 刺 -> but this does too apparently, so watch out!
  • Things You Will Only See in Japan
    • Cute vs. Cool
    • Buta-kun
  • Outro and Thanks

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