Episode 7 – Humility

Take a stroll with me as I take a walk through a park near where I live and talk a bit about lessons in humility. I have a random conversation with a stranger and share some sounds of Tokyo as I walk home. A short episode coming in at 20 mins and little more personal than the rest before. Highly edited due to wind noise however so please bear with me. Hope you enjoy! Mata!

Show Notes:

  • Unwinding in the park
  • Getting a haircut in Japan
    • QB House – 1,000 円 haircut
    • Had to fix my own hair, ha!
  • Working in Ariake
    • The Dream Bridge (picture below)
    • Building numbers in Tokyo – why they exist
  • Humbleness, humility, and humanity
    • Still learning about myself
    • Placement tests
  • Random conversation with fellow park-walker
  • Answering Matt’s question on the JR Rail Pass
  • Random sounds and babble for the last 5 minutes on my way home
    • I must have a nice ass
    • National health insurance
    • Japanesepod101.com
    • It’s Friday night!

The Dream Bridge

The Dream Bridge in Ariake

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