Episode 9 – The Lo-Fi Episode

Today’s episode is very much like a one-way telephone conversation. Recording with my cellular phone, I do a quick update and introduce a few subjects very briefly, not getting into too much depth. This is more of an experiment than a proper episode. I hope it meets the approval of your ears in terms of quality. What do you think? Is this quality level too annoying? It’s super convenient for commute-casting. Also, there’s something more natural about recording into a cell phone, so strange. I’m undecided.
Show Notes:

  • Wednesday = hump day?
  • Doing the podcast on my keitai (cell phone)
  • Regular schedule in Japan has started
  • Will do an entire episode on coffee in Japan
  • Will do an entire episode on first week in a Japanese office
  • Keeping in touch with friends (Gmail / Keitai symbiosis)
  • Getting Things Done
  • Will this be a full episode? – Yes.

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