Episode 11 – Bike-capades and Yaki-Soba

I should have given the cops some Yaki-imo. Confused?! Well listen in to today’s episode and get acquainted with the Yaki-imo truck vendor, the cops, and my dinner. This episode comes straight from my kitchen while I cook up one of the only dishes I know how to make here in Japan, Yaki-soba. MMmmm. ^_^

Show Notes

  • Making Yaki Soba
  • Busy as sin, so I can’t mail anything right now ^_^
  • More about GTD
  • Buying a bicycle – Mama Chari
  • Getting pulled over by the cops, on a bike
  • Bear with me while my food cooks LOUDLY – it doesn’t quite work well in audio does it?
  • Should I post the TokyoCalling duel interview clips?
  • Helmet’s “Size Matters” in Japan has two bonus tracks
  • Dark side of podcasting
    • Terrance is a patient guy
    • And I start using street lingo while explaining it, what’s with that?
  • Listen to A Year in Japan’s episode on Love Hotels
  • Yaki-imo やきいも Truck Recording – Stone Roasted Potatoes

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