Episode 13 – Tokyo Calling Crossover

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This episode is the first ever, Finding Japan <=> Tokyo Calling crossover episode. Not really sure what else to call it. I met up with Scott Lockman from Tokyo calling a few weekends back. We spent very little time getting to know each other since we had already known each other through our respective podcasts. However, we did share the common interest in technology, the future of podcasting and more.

This interview occurred in a noisy hotel front coffee shop in Tokyo. If you can stand the background noise, please listen. Enjoy!

Show notes:

  • A brief chat on the creative process and writing every day
  • Formats of podcasts / how Tokyo Calling developed
  • Why do people listen to podcasts?
  • Privacy and the Internet
  • Future of social networking

I’d like to thank Scott for taking time out of his busy day to chat. Hopefully this won’t be the last of such episodes.

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