Episode 19 – Commute-cast and More

Sumida River

You better believe it …. this episode is action-packed and quite possibly, the longest FJ episode to date! I managed to fit in the commute cast (complete with official PASMO song), dinner boats, slip on shoes, podcasting pre-cursors, supermarkets, transvestite bands, and more. What started as a short stint in the park on a beautiful Saturday afternoon turned into a full blown episode. Though its a bit windy and I often “pop” the microphone, I hope you all still enjoy.

Show Notes:

  • I screw up the episode number so I substituted it with a mac voice
  • Commute Cast
    • Material from last month’s discussion with Alex
    • PASMO song – watch it here
    • JR Rail Pass
    • Student Passes
    • The One Card I Need – PASMO Student Pass
  • Dinner boats in the Sumida River
  • Slip-on-shoes
  • More Talk about Podcasts
    • Pre-cursors to podcasting
    • Listener material from Japan
    • NPR’s Lost and Found Sound – The Vietnam Tapes of Lance Corporal Michael A. Baronowski
    • When this project is finished, I will put it on archive.org
  • Japanese supermarket experiences
  • My latest tachinomi experience
    • A night without English
    • Meeting the manager of a transvestite synth-pop band
  • Only in Japan – Playboy Logo branded items
  • Closing
    • Various thanks
    • 10% of FJ traffic last month came from Tokyo Calling
    • Request to other Japan podcasters

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