Reminders about Feeds


I just wanted to remind everyone who reads, listens, or watches of the following options for this podcast / blog site. There are five feeds that you can subscribe to:

  • The site feed will give you all of the blog posts. This feed is good for people who just want to read and aren’t really interested in all the fancy media.
  • The regular podcast feed will get you ALL of the media, both audio and video episodes. Put this in your feed reader if you want it all. Additionally, if you have iTunes installed, you can use the iTunes feed instead.
  • The audio only podcast feed is well, audio only.
  • The video only podcast feed is well, video only.
  • Finally, there is a comments feed if you are interested in keeping up with the chatter on this site.

I realize there are some people who enjoy the audio much more so I’m reminding folks of these options before posting new material. I have quite a bit of video that’s ready to go as well as more audio episodes. Stay subscribed!

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