Episode 27 – Attempt #3


Its been 8 days, what’s wrong with me?! Find out more by tuning in here. I share a little bit of my personal life and plans for the next few days, talk about some scary little Japanese girl, answer questions about Japan and more. 行きましょう!

Show Notes

  • Quick update
    • Short story about Harajuku girls
    • Planning my summer vacation
      • Kobe Beef episode with some ideas.
    • School update
  • Presentation trip with my professor
    • Lessons learned from his teaching style
  • Sound scene (seeing) tour: Japanese Little League Game
  • Story: Scary Little Girls!!
  • Only in Japan: Pineapple Kit Kat
    • Click for a larger picture
  • Questions:
    • Answered today: “Easy or hard to meet Japanese people on more than just a superficial level?” (From San from SNA Podcast)
      • Quick chat about my friend
      • Japanese people really similar to American people in “worldliness”
      • Tangent: Youth Culture article in BusinessWeek
    • 6-month future self question: “What do you think American can learn from Japan and what thing would you like to see in your own country that Japan has?” (Also from San from the SNA Podcast)
  • Wrap up and thanks

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