Weekend Update

But without Norm McDonald….

I have no excuse not to post another episode except for the fact that my belly is full and I feel sluggish. I promised my fiancée that I would write more along with the podcasts so I think I will start that now. Sometimes its much easier to write in fact, so I think I will enjoy this little departure for a moment.


I’ve got quite a few good topics coming up. I tried making a cooking-cast again but I didn’t turn on the recorder for the second part. I sat there happily making my dinner talking to myself for a good 20 minutes before realizing it, and by the time I did, dinner was done. At any rate, here is my creation. Its a combination of tempura fried pork (is that weird, I’m not even sure) and some delicious vegetables. To top it all off, the secret sauce, also known as tonkatsu sauce. This stuff is amazing.


This weekend I went to Arakawa park on the edge of the Arakawa river. It was pretty peaceful. Since it was a nice day out, I decided to try to go a bit further than I usually do. About 45 minutes away by bike, it was a perfect outing to break up my studying last Sunday. I also caught some audio of the local baseball team kids’ chants. Pretty interesting to hear the difference between what we used to say and how these kids say whatever it is they are saying. I will try to decode it later but I’m sure some of my Japanese speaking friends will know it right off the bat.

Besides that, things are good. Since there is no homework tonight, I’m going to head off to bed a little early and enjoy the evening just relaxing. New podcast out later this week with some excellent topics: Scary little girls, less sushi-eating in Japan, and a bit of Japanese fashion. Until then…

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