Episode 39 – Fire Hazard


On my way to Akiba (Akihabara), I speak on a few topics after discovering a huge fire hazard in my apartment. Find out more by listening below.

Show Notes:

  • Walking to Akihabara
  • Crazy thing with my power adapter
  • A little gear-talk
  • School starts on October 1st for me – skipping a level, suicide?
  • Politics
    • Too much politics research
    • Waiting for Scott’s “What’s Up America”
    • Being away from home and how it affects your views
  • Darth Vader
    • Looking like him
    • Dream I had about him when I was a kid
  • Tattoos in Japan
  • More insights on work
    • Emergency rescue kit bag
    • Sleepy time
    • Power using MS Excel
  • My rant about “Lifehacking”
  • The podcaster biorhythm
  • Follow-up story

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