Episode 41 – Drink Review

Alex and I do a quick drink review, I reflect on my life for a hot second, and I attempt to talk about Japanese schoolboys but don’t quite get to it. Banging out the podcasts in less than an hour now, get this episode while its fresh!

Show Notes

  • Genki Intro
  • Audio Clip from Monday night
    • New School Schedule and feeling mellow on a Monday evening
    • Nice to see Tokyo skyline at night again
  • Since Monday
    • Stressing out
    • What does one want to do with their life?
    • “Reading” David Whyte’s – The Heart Aroused
  • Celebrating a difficult week complete with a Shirokirin Beer
  • Drink Review
    • 2 SA’s – Calpis Fizz Light Style
    • 1/2 SA – Nikka, Natural Mizuwari
    • Trying to do math while drinking whiskey
    • NEWSFLASH: Convenience stores in Japan are the first place new drinks are released!
    • Check out Way of the Grape
  • Next topic will have to wait

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