Japanese Pro? Wrestling

So there I was, studying all by myself and I said, “I think I’ll check Facebook”. To my surprise, my little sister posted a gem of a video to my wall that I just wanted to share with you all. Here is a clip of Japanese pro wrestling.

[gv data=”VFQO7ubpUF4″][/gv]

Now what gets me the most is that I actually used to watch wrestling in college. I thought it was pretty funny and, to be honest, it really is like the male version of a soap opera. At any rate, I wasn’t prepared for the announcers also being dressed up. Check it out. There is a pro-wrestling center in Arike that that Yurikamome goes by, right between Ariake Tennis no Mori and Ariake stations. Not sure if its affiliated, but its certainly something to check out.

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