Traveling Home


I took a jet plane home this past Wednesday (first time on a 747 actually) and am now writing this post from the couch at my parents home in New Hampshire. It’s been nice to finally fly home and I am so tired-out I can barely stand it.


I did manage to take a picture of my last meal in Japan though at the airport. I will send some updates along when I finish up the final episode, just as soon as my jet lag subsides. Talk to you all very soon.

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  1. So, uh, what happened to that final episode? Or all the comments for that matter! Did everyone migrate to a different site or something and there’s like a different feed, or is the episode just still in production? I want my final episode dang it! :-p

  2. i admit i haven’t been to your site in a while. but better late than never i guess…

    Welcome Home Chris 🙂

    I await the final episode. as do the other faithful listeners of your fantastic site. no rush though 😉

  3. i was wondering whatever happened to your follow-up episodes… i know you had talked about doing episodes when you returned to the states… lost interest?

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