Episode 64 – Final Episode


Well, its that time. Time again for another, and final, Finding Japan episode by yours truly. It took a while but in this episode, I say goodbye to Japan and all of the fun times that we had. At nearly two hours long, this episode highlights some of my favorite parts of Japan by revisiting clips from prior episodes. Come revisit the podcast with me as we tour through the experiences I had, things I learned, and people I have met.

But rather than give a long-winded overview of the episode, just listen in and enjoy. Details about the future are also enclosed.

Thanks again to all of my friends, all of the listeners and contributors to the podcast, everyone who guided me and helped my find my way through the land of the rising sun. This was truly an amazing life experience and I will never forget it.

Finding Japan has been archived at archive.org for posterity. This site will cease to exist at some point in the future though I will do my best to maintain the feed. Check archive.org for all of the episodes, including prologues to the podcast.

Thank you all.

8 Replies to “Episode 64 – Final Episode”

  1. I found it very neat that the day I come back again to see if the final podcast has ever shown up, it was!
    A very nice surprise haha.

    Looking forward to listening to it very much!

  2. I have not yet listened to this podcast, but I was excited to learn of it’s existence!

    Finding Japan is probably my second favorite Japanese-themed podcast of them all.. second only to Josh in Japan. And I’ve listened to nearly all of them.

    I especially appreciated your positive attitude and outlook, which I found to be a sharp contrast with some of the other podcasts I’ve listened to.

    You introduced me to ‘Getting Things Done,’ which is having a positive impact on my own life.

    Looking forward to hearing the final chapter.. Congratulations on a job well done!

  3. Christopher, thanks so much for the podcast! I enjoyed hearing about your experiences in Japan and wish you the best of luck in the future. Ganbatte~!

  4. Hey everyone, thanks for the comments. Hope you enjoy/enjoyed the last episode. Its a long one I know.

    @Karamoon: I will always have Japan in my heart and definitely in my travel schedule for years to come. Not sure on the permanent move though since I am taking a job back in the NE United States come June.

    @Josh H: Glad I could time it so great! 😉

    @Mark: Glad the GTD stuff is working out for you, and thank you for your kind words. I only tried to give people a taste of what I was experiencing. I hoped I accomplished that in the end.

    @Keith: Thanks, best of luck to you too and hope you enjoyed the series!

  5. This was a fabulous way to end a great podcast. I loved all the memories and “classic” clips. Finding Japan will always be one of my fave podcasts.

  6. finally got around to listening to this in its entirety! great wrap up to a great project christopher! thanks again for all your work on it, and looking forward to seeing/hearing more from you!

  7. It’s taken me awhile, but I finally have finished the episode and am saddened to have it finally end. Yours has always been one of those podcasts that I look forward to updates coming out, along with Scott’s. To be honest, I don’t think it would even have mattered if you had gone onto another tangent and completely left the subject of Japan, I would have stayed loyal to the podcast. There’s just something about your personality and the way you presented everything that made it feel like I was hearing from an old friend. I’m glad that I got to ‘know’ you through your podcast and look forward to your future endeavors.
    Take care!

    And add me to that list by the way.

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