Episode 66 – Video Coffee Machine

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You can be in Japan for many years and still see something new every day. This was the case when Linda and I recently noticed a new type of coffee machine at our local hospital here. Apparently this coffee machine shows a multi-angle live video feed of how your coffee is being prepared inside the machine. We’re quite sure its legit too since my coffee cup had a different color than the customer before me.

And the coffee itself? Amazing! If you are ever in Saint Lukes hospital in the Tsukiji area, hit this machine up!


5 Replies to “Episode 66 – Video Coffee Machine”

  1. Great to here from you again! I only recently discovered your podcast, but I have caught up on the entire series in a few short months. I really love your podcast. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hey Chris! Great to see you in the lastest video. I hope you two are doing great. I would be in trouble if my work had a coffee machine with so many choices.

  3. I have listen to your site for a long time. Its good to see more posts. I use to listen to all the old podcast’s, yours, call in tokyo, kobe beef, and others. I was worried that all the original podcasters were quiting. I have found some new podcasters but only two are making new episodes. Keep up the great work and I appreciate all the work you and the others do.

  4. Awesome vending machine, thanks for posting!! They need to stream that feed live to the net. I have been following your podcasting for quite a while, really happy to see you at it again. Congrats on getting married, hopefully your wife will enjoy Japan as much as you have!

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