Episode 67 – Awesome Beer Pour


So I sat down this evening to get my Logic setup all ready for another podcast, and I just couldn’t sit down and belt out some audio tonight. So instead, we do a video.

A co-worker join myself and Linda for dinner the other night at a fabulous german beer hall restaurant in Hamamatsu-chou on Friday night. The beer was great, and the sausage was fantastic. And the beer was poured very stylistically. Enjoy!


4 Replies to “Episode 67 – Awesome Beer Pour”

  1. There used to be an Irish bar right outside Yokosuka. The barkeep poured me a Guiness one night. He actually could draw a four leaf clover in the head of the beer just by moving the glass as the beer flowed from the tap. We Irish have our talents!

  2. I hope things are going well for you, I hope to hear from you soon via podcast and that things in your life are improving.

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