Episode 77 – The Finding Continues

It’s been awhile but the Godfather of Finding Japan, Chris, is back in the land! Chris and Terrance have teamed up to continue bringing our discoveries and observations of this sometimes mystifying, almost always interesting country. In this episode we get you caught up with what’s been going on with our lives, as well as where we plan on taking the show.

3 Replies to “Episode 77 – The Finding Continues”

  1. Gents!

    You’ve made my day today, I noticed, to my surprise, that episode’s 77 & 78 popped up in my feed earlier. I’ve just finished listening to Episode 77 and wanted to write a comment to let you know that I’m really glad to hear that you’re getting back into the podcasting. In regard to your comment about previous listeners, I unfortunately only discovered Finding japan just as you were finishing up and was sad to think that there wouldn’t be more episode’s to listen to, I’ve listened to the full playlist several times and used some of the info you provided previously on my own trip to Japan in 2014. But enough of my rambling, glad that you’re back, & looking forward what you share with us next.

  2. Great episode, thanks Terrance and Chris! I was so surprised and happy to see this pop up in my feed! I first came across Finding Japan while trawling for all things Japanese before my trip to Japan in 2014 and I listened to every episode- it really enriched my trip! Looking forward to more episodes with both of you!

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