Episode 78 – I Ain’t Ever Been To Jail

This is a very personal and special episode in which Terrance talks about his experiences in the Japanese slammer. Many of you may know what happened but just to make things clear, the matter is settled, he’s ok, he doesn’t have a record, and technically it was detention, not imprisonment.

Chris Rock has a joke about low expectation boasting. “I ain’t ever been to jail.” “You ain’t supposed to go to jail, you low expectation having…” Sadly, he can no longer laugh at this joke. He’s been to jail and here is the story.

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  1. Great to hear you guys back with these last couple of episodes. I’m looking forward to more amazing content. I’ve been a listener since the beginning and it’s cool to hear how life and the perspective it brings has evolved for you Chris. Take care and thanks.

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