Episode 59 – Saxophone Train

You’ll have to wait until the end to get to the saxophone train on this one. No cheating and no fastforwarding. If so you’ll miss plenty, including some catch up chat, thoughts on what’s been keeping me so busy, and a beer review. 😀

Show Notes:

  • What’s been going on
    • Linda’s Arrival
    • Work
    • Meeting up with Saya
    • Meeting up with Scott and Karamoon
    • New Listeners
  • Responding to Blog Comments
  • Projects
    • Economics, finance, and work-related stuff
    • Explaination of how I’d like to keep learning Kanji (help me out)
  • Drink Review
    • Kamakura Beer
    • Daibutsu is there
  • Saxophone train

Episode 57 – Japan Makes You Busy


Let’s get deep again. I tried to mix it up with some pleasant thoughts, some interesting sights, and of course, always deep deep riveting commentary from yours truly (sarcasm goes to 11, you know).

Show Notes:

  • Some thoughts about Saizeriya
  • Topic: Japan Makes You Busy
    • A bit about my lifestyle
    • Spending my time on the computer
    • “The Four Hour Separation”
      • 1 hr of screwing around
      • 1 hr of reading
      • 1 hr of art
      • 1 hr of life
    • [Musical Break]
    • Why is it necessary?
      • Opportunity overload
      • 6 hours spent doing nothing this weekend
      • Putting more “real” in realtime
  • Train announcer gets on my nerves
  • Escalator Apologizers
  • Some Closing Thoughts
  • Music – “Atlantic Midnight” by Jaspertine from CCMixter.org
  • Music – “Drugstar” by Pthalo

Episode 54 – Another Zen Moment


See, the great thing about only having work now is that I have time to do stuff like this. This video is from the Osaka Aquarium, one of the largest in the world according to their website. In this clip, we get a good view of the main tank for a few moments while I rested amidst the gaggles of children.

Finding Japan 2007 Wrap-up

Picture 1 1.jpeg

I was just looking at some Google stats and log stats from my hosting company yesterday and wanted to share with you all how great this year has been for Finding Japan. This has been the most successful online project I’ve ever worked on. Even if I haven’t formally defined success criteria, it sure feels like it.
Finding Japan 2007 Statistics

  • 13,163 visits (6,107 unique) from 1,556 cities in 97 countries on 6 continents
  • 16% of visitors were from Japan
  • 20% of visitors use do not use English as their primary language for their browser
  • Over 400 GB of data was transferred to you all
  • The pre-episode from Feb 22nd was the most downloaded podcast episode
  • Tokyo Calling had the most referrals of any other personal site

Thanks again for a wonderful year and I look forward to even more fun this year. Best to you all.

McDonalds Commercial Explosion

I just wanted to make the readers of this blog aware of the explosion of Japanese McDonalds commercial remixes available on YouTube. Sometimes its best not to ask.


[gv data=”5g9vV6GW9MA”][/gv]

[gv data=”Nhizo7KrZrw”][/gv]

And just in case that made you hungry, here’s the MegaMac that’s back again! There goes the heart.

[gv data=”uQp3zM35k80″][/gv]

Merry Christmas Update


Hey everyone. Just wanted to say a quick “Hello and Happy Holidays” here from the states. I have been spending a great amount of time with my fiancee as well as our respective families. It’s been far too long without seeing everyone. All of the presents have been unwrapped, the gifts given, and plenty of wine and food has been shared. I hope you all are having a very happy holiday as well.

So now, 2008 is shaping up to be quite fun and exciting. I’ve got a few new gadgets to talk about when I get back as well as well as some tools for podcasting (including Logic Studio 8 and Leopard) (^_^)/m/ that I’m excited to use when I get back to Japan. Until then, stay safe and warm.

Episode 48 – Coffee Episode III

Can you believe it, another coffee episode already!!! This time recorded completely live over Skype, warts and all. Joined by the illustrious Fred, we talk about his new coffee machine as well as do a short sound tour of some places to drink coffee in Japan. Come along for the ride with us and grab your cup of coffee!

Show Notes:

  • Explosive laughing intro
  • Fred’s rant about podcasts
    • People who talk about how they make podcasts on their podcasts
    • Joking about the FindingJapan DVD
    • Reminiscing about “Netiquette”
  • Why we’re talking about coffee
  • Doutor Single Service Packs
    • HI390014.jpeg
  • Fred’s New Coffee Machine
    • A magical tour of Fred brewing coffee
    • Discussion of froth vs. no froth with automatic coffee makers
    • Baronette flavored coffee taste test
  • Japan Coffee Place Audio Sound Tour Review
    • Clip 1 – Starbucks in Asakusa
    • Clip 2 – Campus Coffee Shop at Waseda University
    • Clip 3 – Excelsior in Ikebukuro
    • Clip 4 – Doutor in Ueno Station
  • Hot and Cold
  • Perhaps a non-coffee related show with Fred about Japan in the future??

Finding Japan Mogulus Channel

Picture 1.jpeg

Well, I finally did it. I launched a Mogulus channel. But rather than force it on people here, you can check it out at the following link below. Right now, all of the video podcast episodes are in rotation along with some Japanese commercials in-between.
What is Mogulus you ask? Well, its like streaming episodes on ABC except you get my video episodes with cooler commercials instead. It’s worth it just for the Andy Warhol bit! If you are bored, go get a watchin’.

Watch the Finding Japan Mogulus Channel