Finding Japan Mogulus Channel

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Well, I finally did it. I launched a Mogulus channel. But rather than force it on people here, you can check it out at the following link below. Right now, all of the video podcast episodes are in rotation along with some Japanese commercials in-between.
What is Mogulus you ask? Well, its like streaming episodes on ABC except you get my video episodes with cooler commercials instead. It’s worth it just for the Andy Warhol bit! If you are bored, go get a watchin’.

Watch the Finding Japan Mogulus Channel

Second Life – Japan

As if actually being in Japan weren’t enough, today I ventured into Second Life today to see what I could find that was Japan related and perhaps find a venue for some more in-depth language practice. This was also to do some research for an upcoming video episode that I wanted to do. More on that later…


I first found this sign on “Help Island”. Pretty encouraging to see the use of Japanese even in the introduction section. This area is like a sandbox and full of just random things.


But I was able to find Japan city pretty easily. I only explored one area since the area I wanted to go to was not available at the time. Notice the grid map over my left shoulder which shows all of the land areas for Japan City. This is my “I am the master of Japanese Text” pose.


In Japan city, I quickly met some people. The person all the way on the right then proceeded to give me some items that I was able to keep – including a maid-cafe thing that follows you around. When you double-click on it, it brings you to a maid-cafe. I could have sworn I saw this guy at Tokyo Game Show. Something fishy here.

Snapshot_004.jpegAhh, but certainly like real life. It all goes downhill real quick. This Mr. Slick turned into Ms. Lush and proceeded to drink large beers and stumble around wildly. Though it sounds immature, all interactions were in Japanese so it did have at least some education aspect for me.

Overall, I think Second Life has some potential for learning another language. Japanese support within the program is great and definitely has some advantage to your helping your reading skills. Also, since the last time I have checked out Second Life, there is also voicechat, which makes conversing with people in their language that much easier.

I want to explore some more as I get some free time, but at least for now I’ve gotten myself situated and can find some other areas to practice Japanese in. Now, if I can only find that maid cafe in Akiba… (^_-)/

Episode 37 – Dictionary Games

G4's Code Monkeys

Seems like this turned out to be the review episode. A Kanji dictionary, a great g4 video podcast to share, and some podcasting software review action. Is this podcast really about Japan?! And why do I mention sheep being on the radio? Find out if you listen here. Let’s go!

Show Notes:

  • Intro
    • Getting motivated to bring out some more content
  • Review of Kanji Sonomama Rakubiki Jiten DS Dictionary
    • Who should get it
    • Where you can get it
    • Features
  • G4 Code Monkeys
    • Great clip from a great online show
    • iTunes RSS Feed here
    • Other G4 podcasts
  • Review of Ubercaster
    • Podcasting tool
    • Great functionality
    • Poor performance in editing
      • Update: Turning off waveforms really helps though
      • Update: Ubercaster is now available for a discount, see the site for details.

Japanese Easter Egg in Metroid Prime 3

Kotaku is reporting that there is an easter egg in Metroid Prime 3 with the voice of Satoru Iwata (President of Nintendo). I understood about 50% of this without the translation. Yay!

[gv data=”FTSLDsRE2Os”][/gv]

Translation according to Kotaku:

Hello, this is Iwata from Nintendo. You may not know from an outsiders point of view, but being a director is really hard! When things are really busy and stressful we (us directors) may look tired and sick, then people may feel sorry for us! But in my case, it’s the opposite, I get fatter and fatter, so then people don’t think I’m stressed at all!

No only if I could understand enough to play entire games in Japanese.

Inochi-kun – Too Weird

This was too weird not to post. Again this showed up in my trawling and was not something I searched for and was not prepared to see, yet it did intrigue me so.


(direct video link)

Click the link above to download the video. It looks like a series of three mini-commercials. (I call them this because Japanese television is famous for short-short commercials, almost less than 4-5 seconds at times). However, I can’t quite put my finger one what is going on here. Aphex-Twin anyone?

I found a site that seems to be a launch site for either a television show or character, here the character is quite promininent. I also found a bit of research on the origins of the Japanese word Inochi.

Can someone help clue me is as to what is going on here!?! I feel somewhat violated and yet concerned at the same time. If I ever hear a child in Japan singing the song in this video, I think I might run away in fear.

At any rate, enjoy the video. The subtitles are accurate so non-Japanese speakers can enjoy too.


Episode 29 – Coffee Episode II


Its coffee time again. Join me for round two of my discussion with Fred on the finer points of Japanese coffee. If you’re not sick of hearing the word “coffee” yet, you will be after this episode. Grab a cup and enjoy!

Show Notes:

  • Milk teas, bubble teas, what’s going on here?
  • Fred thinks Doutor is the best in the world
  • In-shop Doutor iced coffee discussion with Alex
  • Internet Cafes / Denny’s Coffee (Millstone)
  • Coffee Crown
  • Trend of instant coffee

This was recorded a while ago so my outro comments may seem out of context. Hope you like it anyway. Cheers!

Episode 28 – Playing Initial D

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Video killed the podcast star. Well, I’m certainly no star, so I guess I have nothing to worry about.

Today’s episode comes in video form. This little gem has been on my hard drive for over 2 months! Finally time to get it out as I rev up for some more audio goodness. In this episode, you can watch me play Sega Initial-D, my favorite arcade game at the moment. Why is it my favorite? Well because I have a little Initial-D IC card license that allows me to save my progress. So it’s much more satisfying to know that my 100円 coins are going to a pointless accomplishment that can be tracked, rather than just a pointless activity.

Caution, this is poorly edited and for video game nerds only. Editing my camera phone footage doesn’t exactly jive with Final Cut Pro at the moment. But do check out the vibration effect from the camera phone. It’s like you’re really there playing the game with me! (^_^)